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Diamond Baseball is committed to making your Boulder Bison experience a great one. Part of that commitment is helping Bison parents be prepared for the coming season in regards to uniforms, equipment, etc...

Baseball shoes are required for all players.  Some tournament organizations will allow players to wear metal spikes beginning at age 11.  However, Little League requires plastic/rubber cleats through age 12.  So, in order to avoid any league or tournament shoe issues, DBOB recommends plastic cleats through 12U and metal cleats at 13U and older.

Little League gloves for any position may not be longer than 12” from heal to middle finger tip.  Tournament organizations do not limit glove size.

13U and Younger

  • Little League Approved bats must have the "USA Baseball" stamp, beginning in 2018.
  • Tournament baseball (USSSA, CABA, TCS) will allow bats with either a "USSSA Approved" stamp or a "USA Baseball" stamp.
  • No restrictions on diameter, weight or length as long as the bat has the appropriate stamp.
  • One piece wood and wood composite bats are allowed.
  • Bat weight and length is specific to the player.  Please look to your coach for a recommendation.
  • A bat delta or “minus” factor is a length-to-weight ratio identified by a “-#” on the bat barrel.  Typically, a bat with a delta bigger than “-9” will be very light and have very little pop.

14U & High School:

  • High school age leagues do not allow the use of bats with a delta bigger than “-3”, and the bats must be BBCOR approved.  
  • One piece wood bats and wood composite bats are also allowed under this BBCOR requirement.
  • DBOB recommends 14U Bison players follow the BBCOR guidelines.

Athletic cups are required by all players, at all times (practices and games).  Helmet masks, mouth guards, batting gloves, and sliding pants are recommended, but not required.  Heart guards are recommended for pitchers and may be required at some levels of Little League play.

Cold Weather:
It is likely that Bison teams will play in cold or inclement weather during the early spring.  Bison players should be prepared with warm, long sleeve clothing that fits under the uniform.  Black gear is preferred.  By rule, pullovers/sweatshirts are allowed to be warn on the field during games, only if the player’s number is visible.

DBOB supplies each Bison player with team jerseys and hats only.  Players are responsible for pants, gloves, shoes, and belts.

Need More Information:
Please see www.DiamondBaseball.org or contact Renae Foxhoven at renae@foxbach.com